Elixxir..The Only Anti-Aging Guru who has Actually Stayed Young

(Investor’s Business Daily’s Marilyn Much)

Elixxir at 52

How to Look
20-Something at Past 50

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Life Extension Magazine

Elixxir is Amazingly Youthful

—Dr. David Weeks, expert on the superyoung

Seeing is Believing!

– Marilyn Much, Investor’s Business Daily

Dear Friend,

My classmates and childhood friends have all grown old, fat, and ugly.  I can still pass for 20-something at past 50.

I’m still getting carded.  Still chased by suitors half my age. I’ve stayed as slim as in senior high. I make love with the potency and stamina of a young man.  No Viagra.

And I just love family and class reunions!

My name is Elixxir.  I’ve been on the only scientific anti-aging program for over a quarter of a century.

Want to learn how I’ve stayed young and how you can too?

You can in my executive report How to Look 20-Something at Past 50! The Elixxir Program Executive Report

§       Science knows of only one way to dramatically retard your aging and greatly extend your maximum lifespan potential of 120 years by up to 50%. 

    The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, AP etc. have all reported this scientific fact.  Proven repeatedly in prestigious laboratories around the world. 

§       Life Extension Foundation calls it ”the only method proven to slow aging and extend lifespan in mammals.”

The Elixxir Program is based on the landmark anti-aging disease-preventing life-extending discovery by Dr. Clive McCay, M.D. at Cornell Medical School.

Still our only scientific anti-aging breakthrough!

So powerful it can reverse up to 70% -- yes, 70%! – of age-related changes in your gene expression in a few weeks.
(Proc Natl Acad Sciences, Sept. 4, 2002, Stephen Spindler, Ph.D.)

20 Something at Past 50!

• Even in old rats. Great News for those of us who weren’t born yesterday.

• Dr. Stephen R. Spindler, Ph.D., who led this research University of California research team said ”Older people may be able to benefit rapidly from switching (to such a program).

You want to put the brakes on your aging and extend your lifespan? The New York Times concludes the scientific foundation of The Elixxir Program is ”the best--in fact the only bet.”

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   Even Dr. Atkins admitted it is the best researched and most generously documented (of all anti-aging programs).”  

Barry Sears, Ph.D. calls it ”the Holy Grail of anti-aging.”

But amazingly most people still don’t know about it. Or if they do, they’ve been told it’s ”too difficult.”

Well, what if they’re wrong? Dead wrong?

For three decades, I’ve tackled this challenge and transformed this scientific anti-aging regimen into la dolce vita (The Sweet Life). I call this eating program The Elixxir Program™.

The result?

After seeing Elixxir in person, the senior reporter of Investor’s Business Daily crowned Elixxir as………

”The only anti-aging guru who has actually stayed young.

Yes, probably like you, this veteran reporter has had enough of so-called ”anti-aging gurus” who look older than their age.

Why model yourself after failure?

    Dr. David Weeks, M.D., known for his long-running study of those who look at least 10 years younger than their age, writes...




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Seeing is Believing!


• My face is wrinkle-free.  My skin glows
It’s baby smooth

• My body is virtually fat-free.

• A 26 inch waist. My BMI (body mass index)
is that of a teenager.

Cellulite-free tight, smooth buns, Fat-free abs
Without Gym Torture.

A full head of hair, still black. No liver spots,
no turtle neck

Why Grow Old?

• Watch your Excess Weight & Ugly Fat Melt Away on The Elixxir Program! And Keep them Away for Life! ---Without Gym Slavery.

Too good to be true?

Just look at my most recent pictures! Elixxir is Baby Boomer but could pass for Generation X!

This is why Investor’s Business Daily’s Marilyn Much exclaims after meeting Elixxir, Seeing is believing!

Your Best Insurance against Heart Attack, Cancer, Stroke & Major Killer Diseases

Staying young is the best disease-prevention. The Elixxir Program not only dramatically slows down your aging, it also slashes your risk for Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, Diabetes, Hypertension, Osteoporosis & Alzheimer’s.

At the same time you’re staying young, slim, and beautiful! Only the Elixxir Program can achieve both for you!

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See Your Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Plunge…and Your Immune System Supercharge...Within a few weeks to a few months on The Elixxir Program.


The Sweet Life
(la dolce vita)

On The Elixxir Program. Here’s why...


Eat Anything
No ban on carbs or meat. Don’t have to give up pasta or rice like on Atkins. You don’t have to become almost vegetarian like on Pritikin or Ornish.

Champagne Is Fine
So is fine wine, Cognac and Calvados! A toast to the Forever Young Life!

No Hunger
Never feel hungry or deprived---ever again!


Safeguard Your #1 Asset

Legendary financier Sir Nathan Meyer Rothschild declared ”I’ve got to keep breathing.  It’ll be my  worst business mistake if I don’t.”

What is our most valuable asset? Our health and life. Without that, we have nothing.

Can You Afford to Grow Old & Die?

On her deathbed, Queen Victoria desperately offered ”My kingdom for a moment of time.”  Don’t wait until a heart attack, stroke or cancer strikes to ’get it.’You don’t have time to reinvent the wheel. Can’t afford to nickel and dime yourself. Or do trial and error.

As the anti-aging guru to the pampered set,” (Investor’s Business Daily),  retaining Elixxir as your coach will cost you. Perhaps a million dollars.

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Old Age & Death?

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Your spouse, loved ones, friends will notice at once.  And wonder what you did. The value of an excellent facelift.

Elixxir at 52

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